One-to-one Photo Day Tours




Taking pictures of any moving subject can be very demanding, but as birds can swoop, climb, turn and dive at the drop of a hat, the challenge of  flight photography becomes much more testing. Fortunately there are a lot of great opportunities to take photos of birds in their natural habitats. Whether they are perched or gainst the sky our guides will take time to explain and discus camera setting, stance and panning techniques that will help you to gain more experience and photo shooting techniques in a variety of situations where you can practice with ease.

Our instruction and technical assistance are based on many years of personal experience and will cover most points, from setting up your camera gear in bright sunlight, to hands-on instruction in panning a moving target out in the field.

We'll take you to where there are birds in flight to practice your skills and later review your shots, the camera settings and discuss on site or later in the shade over lunch, how we can help to improve your shots and technique.

Day photo tour prices are the same as the other day tours here on the The Strait of Gibraltar.

Let us know if you'd like to use both our birding expertise and our photographic experience here in Spain or at any other location. A list of birding sites throughout Europe can be sent on request and we can also organise hide photography for you with transport, acccommodation, meals and all the permissions and logistics that may be required.

Good photo results from any day out watching and photographing wildlife provide not only everlasting memories but can be most satisying as well!

Day Trip Prices

Full day (8-9hrs approx) for 1 to 2 people €175 (minimum price)  :  3 people €200  : 4 people €225

Half day (5hrs approx)   for 1 to 2 people €110 (minimum price)  :  3 people €150  :  4 people €175



Browse our catalog of hundreds of birding and wildlife photographs taken by Stephen Daly himself and download high resolution versions for free.


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