Culture and Vultures

This general nature and history day tour gives clients a real "day to remember". Lizards, Bee-eaters, Preying mantis, all kinds of butterflies, Griffon Vultures, Roe and Red Deer and Iberian black pigs are just some of the creatures waiting to be found and perhaps we'll have a chance to watch the cork-oak harvest in the huge Alcornocales forest during summer.

Griffon Vultures

We will see some of the spectacular geology of the area, as Africa still pushes northwards against Europe! We can also visit some minor Roman ruins, Moorish lime kilns and water cisterns as well as the option to visit the larger Roman ruins of the ancient city of Baelo Claudia opposite the Moroccan coast. If you have children coming along, the beach is right in front of the Roman ruins (see photo below), so if they don't want to tag along they can have fun until we collect them after the visit.

Roman ruins at Baelo Claudia

This tour is designed to give visitors to the area a light and very general overview of this fascinating area and will keep children and adults fascinated by what we encounter and places we explore.
You'll also be able to visit many different areas on your own for picnics, rock scrambling and walking. If you are fascinated (as we are) about flight and how birds migrate then we can enthral you with our wild nature stories on bird migration!
A splendid male Blue Rock Thrush near Bolonia

The aptly named Moorish Gecko

Looking across to d'jebel Musa on Morocco

Swallowtail Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Fin Whale

Collared Pratincole

Day Trip Prices

Full day (8-9hrs approx) for 1 to 2 people €175 (minimum price)  :  3 people €200  : 4 people €225

Half day (5hrs approx)   for 1 to 2 people €110 (minimum price)  :  3 people €150  :  4 people €175


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