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Are you an avid hunter who likes to go on a long trip from one spot to another with your shotgun to make a target on your favorite season bird and bring a bunch of them back with you to enjoy with friends in an open land with bonfire and barbeque? Yes, here you are! Andalusian provinces and Castilla La Mancha are the most searched provinces in Spain to go on a hunting drive due to its vast variety of climatic changes occurring in a year. The provinces are well known for being avid with bow hunters for geese hunting, and crossbows are very common. Feel free to look at the approved list of best crossbow for hunting in Spain. There is also an approved list of best compound bows as well, but these are slightly less effective than crossbows.

Bow hunting or not, leave your worries aside and join your journey with thousands of hunters around the world, coming to fulfill their lifetime dream is none other than a country loved by all, i.e., Spain. Living your Spanish dreams can be converted into reality with the most happening season of bird hunting games which takes place every year to attract millions of locals and tourists from across the world to experience this awesome game. The reputation which Spain has achieved for the challenging birds which are most loved by hunters, which includes, small game partridge, duck, wood pigeon, quail, a thrush, starling and on top of this the famous Spanish red-legged partridge.

Red-Legged Partridge is among the most sought-after group of birds which flocks in groups making it easier for a hunter, with their team, to hunt down and bring them around more than enough partridge with them for a party night. It is a paradise for big and small game hunters.

A clear understanding of the climatic conditions and hiring a guide will help you to make your journey a much easier. Here’s how to get an easy access to experience Spain’s hunting game and wilderness.

  1. Hire a guide, or select from a range of the best hunting company, which will help you in providing all the basic details and requirements.
  2. Know the legal terms and conditions of a particular state in which the hunt has to be carried out. Different state has its own forest and wildlife laws for providing an access to the land with all the necessary license approval to carry a gun.
  3. Know the weather conditions. Red-Legged Partridge hunting most often takes place in the winter months.
  4. Carry all your documents safely.

About Red-Legged Partridge:

Red-Legged Partridge is among the most hunted and preferred birds which are one of the fastest flying birds. A shooter has to move in a group or solo in order to hide, stalk and hunt the bird. Many hunting companies can be found on the travel websites which offers a 4-5-day package, which includes a shooting campaign loaded with the shotguns, a clearance from the state government. Spain has some of the restrictions on hunting big games, which must be followed in order to be on a safer side.

Other Hunting Birds:

Apart from the Red-Legged Partridge, other species such as Quail, Turtledove, Duck, Pheasant, Thrush, and Starling, are a fun to enjoy your day shooting if you are looking an extreme level of adventure with a spice of hiding, stalking and lancing towards them in a one go.

Eager for a Big Game:

Apart from bird hunting, Spain attracts millions of tourists to experience the beautiful country, which has its own charm and history. The big games include Roebuck, different species of deer, ibex, mountain goat, wild boar, mountain sheep, stag, chamois.

Spain has done a tremendous job in saving their cultural as well as wildlife and sanctuary by protecting animals like, lynx and bears which are identified as in a state of extinction. It has made laws to save these animals, but when it comes to shooting them, people shoot them unofficially, which is a crime which, if found committed, is followed by a surveillance and legal action is taken against a person.

Hunting laws in Spain:

Every country has different laws and restrictions on shooting policy and one has to adhere to the laws in order to comply with the local government as per a location’s demographic conditions. Abiding the law guarantees the shooter to maintain a discipline and sincerity with the rules and also with the forest reserves of a particular state.

Weapon permits and hunting license is the most important thing to be carried by a person on a hunting drive, and clearing the legalities hassle-free will make it easier to enjoy their hunt.

One must be aware of the hunting season. According to Spain, the season starts from October and ends in February.

For making things easier, the state government takes privilege in taking utmost care of their tourist and in this regard, a calendar to make a hunter aware of the hunting seasons in all the territories, is launched in August, every year. Also, one must be aware of the rules and regulations implied by any government of any country. Every state forest reserve has its own terms and conditions for guided as well as an independent hunting. For hunting enthusiasts coming for fun or on tourism, hiring a professional hunting guide becomes a need of an hour to get an easy access to the beautiful Atlantic coast, Andalusian province, and the Pyrenees.

Medical Certifications:

Spain has some of the stringent policies in issuing of firearms, one must be physically fit and mentally sound to obtain a license in their respective territory. A firearm permit with an insurance from a third party is required in order to get the license.

For non-residents, who is willing to experience the season of October with a mind-boggling performance of shooting, they must import their own firearms with an import certificate from their local Spanish consulate of their respective country. After getting the import certificate, it is advised to take the certificate to the consulate with a photocopy of passport and certificate. When the certificate arrives in Spain, it must be presented at the nearest police station in order to get a Spanish gun.

So, what’s waiting for you? Move out with your gun. Choose a guide and enjoy hunting.

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