1. Pallids Performing Perfectly…

    The Pallid Harrier (Circus macrourus) up until now has been regarded as quite an exotic bird on the Iberian peninsular. Any sightings are fairly localised and take place during the migration seasons of spring and autumn. The increased number of sightings continues as this species expands it's breeding range into central Europe and Scandinavia. Pallids successfully bred in Finland this year... ... Read More

  2. An Example of Our Tours in Cadiz Province

    Hoopoe cottage, our small guest house has been occupied most of the year. True to say we attract many birders and lovers of nature from all over the globe, but of course friends and family like to visit as well, especially if there hasn't been too much of a summer to rave about in northern Europe. Our year's weather has been pretty good although rains do come in winter and wind can come at any time during warmer periods, but all in all we have a wonderful climate with fresh air coming off the Atlantic Ocean and lots and lots of warm sun! ... Read More

  3. Pallid Harrier - Circus macrourus

    Pallid Harrier (circus macrourus), seen more and more these days particularly in autumn and during winter. The reason for such frequent and increasing sightings could be attributed to changes in agricultural use in the former eastern block countries, particularly those countries formerly controlled within the old Soviet empire... ... Read More

  4. Autumn Migration Highlights

    Stephen Daly shares his wonderful experiences with the autumn migration spending part of the time in the Alcornocales forest, watching the Short-toed and Booted Eagles being blown about by the continuing Levante. We also spent time down the coast watching the Northern Bald Ibis and then drove across the province to the Guadalquivir basin and explored the delights of the wetlands, lagoons and salt-pans.... ... Read More

  5. Back Home in Andalucia - June Birds

    No matter where I travel during the busy European Spring schedule, I'm always pleased to be back on my 'own patch'... ... Read More

  6. The Darling Buds of May

    The colours in the countryside during April and May are quite breathtaking an these last few years have been so lush after two wet winters. As we admire these wonderful carpets of floral displays througout the region, the migration of birds, butterflies and other insects continues... ... Read More

  7. Surrounded by Rich Nature

    As the avian migration across The Strait of Gibraltar continues with thousands of swift pecies whizzing across the blue skies, the first of our passerines, like the little Common Stonechat are already fledged and starting to search for insects on their own, while their parents start a second brood. ... Read More

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