1. White-tailed Eagle ( Haliaeetus albicilla) - Danube Delta, Romania, May 2013

    During this month's group tour to The Danube Delta we we had returned to our floating 'ponton' or hotel which was berthed on one of the many tributaries and courses of the old Danube, relaxing with a beer on the mid-deck when this lovely adult White-tailed Eagle flew towards the boat and landed directly opposite us in a tree... ... Read More

  2. Lammergeier in the Spanish Pyrenees

    Stephen Daly's Lammergeier flight photos from the Pyrenees, March 2013. One Europe's most sought after raptors... ... Read More

  3. Northern Bald Ibis in Cadiz province, Andalucía

    Good news at Vejer de la Frontera where the Northern Bald Ibis colony is expanding steadily... ... Read More

  4. Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata)

    The majestic Bonelli's Eagle is perhaps one of the rarest and most impressive medium sized eagles that we have in Western Europe.... ... Read More

  5. Bird Migration in February

    Come birdwatching along theThe Strait of Gibraltar with Stephen Daly and discover what new birds have just arrived in Europe... ... Read More

  6. The Cranes at La Janda

    Why does the sound of cranes calling make you happy. Is there something therapeutic or even primeval associated with this sound? ... Read More

  7. Strait of Gibraltar Pelagic

    We always seem to be scanning the open skies here between the two continents, watching for incoming avian migration which in reality takes place every single month of the year. But what about what's actually happening in The Strait between Morocco and Spain. Last Saturday, on a calm, warm July day we took a closer look... ... Read More

  8. Cream-coloured Courser, Corredor Sahariano (Cuisorius cursor) at Tarifa

    The arrival of a Cream-coloured Courser on the coastline, close to the town of Tarifa caused quite a sensation on the 12th of April 2012.... ... Read More

  9. Feisty Firecrests of the Forest

    The Firecrests (Regulus ignicapillus) is one of the most amazing little birds we have. Packed full of energy and living their lives at such an amazingly fast pace... ... Read More

  10. Are we Overlooking Long-eared Owls - (Asio otus), Búho Chico?

    Finding Long-eared Owls has always been difficult for me in Cadiz province. Not just because they are nocturnal, but they are quite scarce breeding birds here... ... Read More

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